Our Story

Update:  We have paused our sales channels until we can stock more inventory. Our Bahamian suppliers are currently rebuilding their farm in Marsh Harbour in the Abaco Islands after the devastation of Hurricane Dorian. Please click here to find out how you can help our brothers and sisters in the Bahamas. 

Our foundation story begins in the depths of a New York City winter in 2015. Record-setting bitter cold was wreaking havoc on Adriane’s skin. A friend, who had just returned from the Bahamas, saw her plight and shared a jar of Neem Cream that she had recently purchased on vacation. Within days, Neem had restored her dry skin and renewed its suppleness and elasticity.  It had smoothed her skin tone and erased dark spots. Her skin’s natural, healthy spring glow returned.

With a background in the beauty market, particularly skin care, Adriane was puzzled as to why she had not heard of this wonderful skin-enhancing ingredient before. She was blown away by her research into Neem that illuminated the innumerable benefits, all from one tree. Still, she had a lot of questions. In search for answers she was inspired to go to the source to experience Neem firsthand. A 2017 trip to the Bahamas became a personal journey on the path to better skin care and the genesis of Kiss Beauty Company. Little did she know that it was to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

On the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas under the shade of the celebrated Neem tree, she bonded with Nick and Daphne Miaoulis: growers, early adapters, and Neem pioneers. They passionately discussed Neem’s history, cultivation, and benefits. Nick and Daphne pride themselves in using environmentally friendly farming practices and paying their native Bahamian farm workers a fair wage. Their farm is 100% Certified Organic. Adriane was now fully convinced of Neem’s promise of optimal skin health, and that she had found the highest possible quality, sustainably sourced Neem, supplied by Nick and Daphne.

Adriane knew she had found kindred spirits and partners for a shared vision in bringing Neem to the United States. Kiss Beauty Company is committed to bringing Neem's story to people everywhere who may be unaware of this wonderful ingredient as she once was. We are so grateful to have a dedicated source of the purest and highest quality Neem on the market from our friends in the heart of the Bahamas, and to be able to share it with you.  

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