Tips to Keep Your Food Fresher, Longer

Ever go in to your fridge, looking to root out 'the smell?' No? Just us? Haha, don't worry we know we've ALL been there. This conundrum can be so frustrating as you throw out food that seemingly went bad overnight. 

Along the long road to adulting we've picked up a few tips to help fresh produce last longer so we don't end up having to throw out so much. This is better for our budget, the environment, and our conscience. 

Tip #1:  Paper Towels

When you buy & open pre-washed greens like lettuce or spinach, make sure to stick a dry paper towel in the container before putting the container back in the fridge. We like to use small sections of a paper towel - one at the bottom where the leaves go bad first, and one in the middle. By doing this, the paper towels soak up the extra moisture in the container, meaning your greens stay fresher much longer!

Tip #2:  Sweetener

As we write this, Ariana Grande's album of the same name just happens to dominate the Billboard charts. Coincidence? Me thinks not. An artificial sweetener like Splenda can make your berries last so much longer, you may have 'no tears left to cry' over spoiled fruit. When you buy fresh berries, wash them thoroughly and let dry completely. Then, toss into a bag with a packet or less of an artificial sweetener like Splenda. Once coated lightly, they'll keep longer in the fridge giving you more time to enjoy them!

Tip #3:  Lemon (or Lime) Juice

Citric acid (found in lemons and limes) can slow the oxidation process for fruits and veggies exposed to air. This is a very fancy way of saying that a squeeze of citrus juice can keep your fresh produce from browning. Once you've cut an avocado, an apple, a peach, a cucumber, or any other fleshy fruit or veggie - give it a squeeze of lemon or lime juice before covering and putting back in the fridge! This slows the browning process and preserves texture and flavor. 

Fun fact:  Citric acid is also a great source of alhpa hydroxy acids - these are wonderful for fighting skin pigmentation due to sun damage and gently preventing mild acne. Kiss Beauty Company's Neem Cream contains citrus extract and rich sources of skin-beneficial AHA's!

Tip #4:  Vinegar Baths

This tip takes just a minute when you've just bought fresh produce and are putting it away. Dip your fruits and veggies in a bath of white vinegar and warm water. (Use 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water.) Doing so cleans them thoroughly, while stripping bad pesticides, and killing bacteria that leads to premature spoilage.